Private glass-enclosed wine cellars are popping up as a trendy new addition in many West Coast and Southern California homes, says Kristine Hansen for The statement-making rooms allow home owners to show off their extensive wine collections in an artistic way.

While these cellars are not new to restaurants, “you are seeing them in more homes—especially as designers are realizing they can be a real showpiece,” says Brahm Callahan, master sommelier and beverage director for Boston’s Himmel Hospitality Group.

Kleinhans says they’re especially popular for “a fancy home with glass and/or steel architecture.”

However, many experts say that this isn't the best way to store wine for serious wine collectors.

“It’s purely aesthetic—that’s the main value to them,” says Jay Rosen of Washington Valley Cellars in Martinsville, NJ. His company builds between 30 and 40 custom cellars for residential clients each year.

“I recommend a glass cellar for wines that will be consumed within two years,” says Joey Kleinhans, managing director at the Sommelier Company of Austin, TX.

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