Wall Street Journal analysis of Transportation Department data

Put five years of job growth numbers together with a solid year of cratering gas prices and what you get is this kind of trend story from the Wall Street Journal staffer David Harrison.

Harrison reports that U.S. vehicle-miles traveled surged 4.3% in November 2015 compared with November 2014, the largest increase since 1999, according to the Transportation Department. It's a significant turn-around story from patterns in the wake of the Great Recession. Notwithstanding the heavier traffic patterns of late, Harrison does pose an important question as regards the sustainability of the upward trajectory in driving. He writes:

The uptick in driving comes at a time when fewer young people are getting driver’s licenses even as the share of older people with a license is rising. While it’s possible those younger people could eventually start driving as they age, it could be that driving may be about to lose its allure among younger generations.

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