If your spouse is on your nerves and you feel like you've been drifting apart lately, you can now, literally, drift away from your significant other and end your relationship with a house that's designed to do all the work of a break up for you.

The new floating house concept is the brainchild of self-proclaimed PR and pop culture expert Omar Kbiri, who in collaboration with Amsterdam-based Studio OBA has designed "Prenuptial Housing." The home is comprised of two independent structures that slot together but can just as easily be separated. With rising divorce rates, especially in countries like Belgium, Portugal and Hungary, where they're among the highest, the house ideally will make break-ups less of a hassle.

"I especially like the fact that we can stabilise the home front during an otherwise very hectic time. With this concept you namely don't need to relocate after a break-up," says Kbiri.

"Due to the way we designed it, the house responds to the flow of the relationship: when all is well, the house remains a unity," he continued. "But when couples separate, the house – literally – drifts apart as well. And how nice would it be if separate units would one day reconnect again when a new relationship blossoms?"

The team is designing a prototype now, and plans to start taking orders in early 2017.

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