The tiny house craze isn't slowing down. We're seeing them pop up all over the country, and the first tiny house building competition was recently held in California.

While tiny houses offer a number of benefits, they are also unusually small and in many cases even illegal based on permitting codes. Here, Angela Colley at presents some truths behind tiny house living from real consumers who've tried it.

Tiny truth No. 1: They’re really tiny
We’d be remiss if we didn’t begin by reinforcing this obvious nugget of truth: Tiny homes are really small. Just ask Kim Kasl, founder of Bless This Tiny House and co-author of the book “Turning Tiny.” She lives with her family of four in a 267-square-foot home, which is smaller than most studio apartments. Living with less has actually given her family more freedom, Kasl says. But to make this all work, the Kasl family had to downsize a lot.

Tiny truth No. 2: Finding a spot to build can be tricky
Many owners choose to buy land. Some stay mobile, moving among RV-friendly sites. Brevard found a workaround by planting herself in another family’s backyard. Any way you swing it, it’s something you’ll have to think about far in advance.

Tiny truth No. 3: You’ll have to adjust to more than just a lack of space
“There was an awful lot to learn,” Kasl admits. “The composting toilet, the wood-burning Kimberly Stove, towing, leveling, and skirting—all of them were new experiences,” Kasl says. “The challenges have been exciting, though.” In retrospect, some of the stress of acclimation was self-imposed. After all, they could’ve just gotten a standard toilet instead of a composting one. But had they gone that route they’d run smack into the main challenge of tiny-home living: Finding the space.

Tiny truth No. 4: Even in a tiny house, you’ll have big home maintenance tasks
Once you get used to climbing skinny ladders and cooking in a smaller kitchen, life in a tiny house isn’t that different from life in any other house—especially when it comes to home maintenance. Note: A smaller space won’t get rid of the dreaded weekend DIY project(s).

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