The CDC sleep heat-map

According to a new study by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention nearly one in three adults get less than seven hours of sleep.

Market Watch staffer Catey Hill notes that people who live in the eastern part of the country tend to be more sleepdeprived than those in the central and western regions. Hawaii residents get the least amount of sleep, with over 56% getting seven or more hours of sleep. While South Dakota residents get the most sleep, with 71.6% getting over seven hours of sleep.

For many years, some experts have espoused that humans need eight hours of sleep a night, in part because they believed this is what our ancestors got. The thinking was that artificial light — from things like electricity, as well as TV, Internet and smartphones — has disrupted our sleep from what was natural.

The scientists examined the sleep patterns over more than 1,100 nights of three preindustrial, hunter-gatherer societies — the Hadza tribe in Tanzania, the San in Namibia and the Tsimane in Bolivia — and found that people in each of these societies slept for an average of about 6.5 hours a night.

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