With the rise of driver services such as Uber and Lyft, a future where fewer people own personal cars isn't that far off, says Fast Company writer Ben Schiller. A new report from Deloitte says personally-owned driver-driven cars will still have seven-eighths of the market in 2025. And by 2050, "shared mobility" will account for 80% of the market, it says.

The consultants report back from the management suites of major car and technology companies and confirm that the shift is underway ("we have seen surprising agreement," they say). Car companies have accepted the world has changed, or will change soon, and they're showing their hand by buying, or investing heavily in, startups like Lyft and Maven (GM), Velodyne and Civil Maps (Ford) and Moovel and Car2Go (Daimler). The car companies are gearing up to become players in the shared mobility market, taking on Uber and others. Ford's alternate mobility division just bought Chariot, a ride-sharing startup based in San Francisco.

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