Europe's biggest consumer electronic fair, IFA, was held in early September, and focused on a number of products that are intended to make homes smarter, healthier, more sustainable, and better connected. Alyn Griffiths of Interior Design presents the trends in smart home products this year.

Systems such as the Siemens Home Connect, Panasonic’s Smart Home, and Grundig’s HomeWhiz app demonstrated how appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers could make home owners' lives easier through automation.

Novelties presented at the fair included the iQ700 fridge-freezer from Siemens, which photographs the interior every time the door is closed so users can check which groceries might be required during their next shopping trip. Sharp unveiled a series of smart appliances, including an oven with a temperature probe that allows users to remotely monitor the status of their cooking, and a washing machine that lets them adjust the temperature and spin cycle.

Refrigerators that control temperature, humidity, and lighting to enhance the longevity of foods and reduce waste were also popular.

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