Instead of renting an apartment, sign a lease that lets you live around the world, for those with an, ahem, uber-active business travel schedule.

The disruption of traditional housing options continues beyond Airbnb, with the introduction of Roam, a new network of co-living spaces, that offers a lease that lets the renter continually move ... potentially around the world. Fast Company staffer Adele Peters has the coverage here. Peters writes:

Though it's possible to book for a week ($500, no matter where you are, or $1800 for a month), the startup prefers that people stay longer, believing that community is something that most people lack in city life now. Like other co-living experiments, they also believe that it's possible to design better living space if parts of it are shared: instead of cramped, crappy kitchenettes in multiple studio apartments, for example, the same money can be pooled to make a chef-quality communal kitchen.

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