Photo courtesy DonkeyHotey
Photo courtesy DonkeyHotey

In an effort to show how Americans are squaring off in neighborhoods for the upcoming presidential election, Redfin teamed with Clarity Campaign Labs to look at party affiliation and home ownership in greater Cleveland and Philadelphia (sites of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions). Redfin staffer Lorraine Woellert takes a look at the study and explains that in both cities the downtowns are blue (Democratic) but become redder the more you move out from the city.

Another cliche, Republicans in both ZIPs had the more expensive homes. For example, in Ohio:

...look at Hinckley Township, about a half-hour drive from downtown Cleveland. The leafy community has golf courses, horse stables, votes Republican and has the area’s highest rate of homeo wnership, at 96 percent. Among Democratic-leaning neighborhoods, the city of Amherst ranks highest, with a homeownership rate of 88 percent.

In Hinckley, a house typically sells for $318,000, more than twice what a house costs in Amherst.

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