It used to be that one went shopping, picked up some shrimp, steaks, burgers, beer, brisket, hot dogs and bread and toted it all to the stadium parking lot, where ice chests and char grills were plentiful and the chances of one of them getting toppled by an errant football quite high. Now, the walkability of the neighborhood and the presence of good watering holes is more important, perhaps owing to the relatively recent trend of planting stadia in downtown areas. Tailgating has morphed into "pregaming."

Thus, Redfin. is out today with a report that says Seattle, Denver and Green Bay are the best cities for NFL pregaming on gameday (as opposed to pregaming on non-gamedays, presumably). Redfin examined several factors, including the Walk Score of each stadium, the number of nearby bars, fan-base ranking and crime rates in each NFL city. Its release, tongue firmly thrust into cheek, states, "Redfin real estate agents played safety, weighing in on their cities’ gameday experiences to ensure the list was accurate and there were no Hail Marys."

Century Link Field in Seattle.
Century Link Field in Seattle.

The Seattle Seahawks earned the top seed, thanks to CenturyLink Field being located in Pioneer Square, a rebounding neighborhood with plenty of wine-and-dine options. The Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints finished out the top five. Perhaps most surprisingly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came in at number eight, due to the convenient downtown location of Raymond James Stadium and the nearby parks.

Redfin's 10 best NFL cities to pregame on gameday are:
1 - Seattle, WA (Seahawks)
2 - Denver, CO (Broncos)
3 - Green Bay, WI (Packers)
T4 - Dallas, TX (Cowboys)
T4 - New Orleans, LA (Saints)
6 - Chicago, IL (Bears)
7 - Baltimore, MD (Ravens)
8 - Tampa Bay, FL (Buccaneers)
T9 - San Francisco, CA (49ers)
T9 - Cleveland, OH (Browns)