In 2015, 64% of all U.S. single-family home starts included porches, and 23% included decks. An NAHB analysis of the Survey of Construction has found that porches have become somewhat more common since 2005, when only 54% of new homes had porches. Decks, on the other hand, have declined slightly in popularity in recent years, though the share of new home starts with decks has remained within the 20-30% range between 2005 and 2015.

The shares of new homes with porches or decks is distinctly different across each of the nine U.S. Census divisions. In 2015, only 49% of new Mid-Atlantic home starts had porches, compared to 90% in the East South Central region. Meanwhile, decks are most common in the New England (69%) and East South Central areas (51%), while only 5% of new home starts include decks in the West South Central region. This pattern has been relatively stable in recent times.

The NAHB notes that decks and porches are a common remodeling project. 16% of NAHB remodelers reported that they regularly added or enclosed porches for clients, and 26% said the same for decks.

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