Small closets are a thing of the past for New York City’s luxury condo buyers.

A master-suite closet is one of the must-have features of New York City’s latest luxury apartments – and they’re a high-demand remodeling choice, according to The New York Times’s Tim McKeough. These closets can measure nearly 20 by 10 feet, and often take the place of extra bedrooms, or even master bedroom space. “That’s like a studio apartment,” says designer Christine Gachot, though NYC zoning requires new apartments to be at least 400 square feet.

“The new closets of choice are full-fledged dressing rooms the size of stand-alone bedrooms, arrangements with two separate walk-ins for couples, and windowed rooms with precious natural light and views,” McKeough says.

The price of one of these closets can run upwards of $250,000, according to custom closet builder Melanie Charlton. “We see people who will bunk their kids, and then make the second kid bedroom a dressing room,” Ms. Charlton said. “They’re giving themselves that master suite they always wanted.”

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