Tide, Whirlpool and other marketers adjust detergent formulas and washing machines because they’re surprised to see men doing more laundry. What might this suggest in terms of re-thinking the chores areas of new homes?

Wall Street Journal staffer Ellen Byron notes that especially among younger adult men, the trend is accelerating, noting that 67% of men age 18 to 34 say they were “mainly responsible for the laundry” last year, up from 44% in 2013. Nearly 60% of men, age 35 to 54, do laundry. Byron writes:

As men share in more housework generally, laundry is actually one of the chores they mind least, marketers say. Detergent and washing machine makers are researching male behavior more, adjusting scents and products and reaching out more to male customers directly.

Before long, these changes will surface implications for floor plan and living space design and functionality changes.

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