At a time when many home builders are looking at affordable housing as a way to succeed in today's challenged market, John Laing Homes is moving in the opposite direction. Company management announced today that it will add a bolt-on operation to its luxury division by launching a custom-residence program.

The new business, called Custom Residences, will fall within the realm of the company's Laing Luxury division. Craig Delahooke takes over as director of the custom division. Delahooke has been the luxury division's landscape program manager since 2005.

In a prepared statement, Tom Redwitz, president of Laing Luxury, said the custom home program was a natural extension of Laing Luxury's core competencies.

"The level of home customization available through Laing Luxury's home is already substantial, but the creation of the Custom Residence program removes all restraints from the luxury options and amenities selection process," he said. "Advantages for custom home clients are far-reaching, including access to industry-leading architects; decreased costs through Laing Luxury's extensive trade partnerships; unparalleled organization and construction expertise; access to Laing's one-stop purchasing, construction, and permitting team; and the promise of Laing Luxury's quality, craftsmanship, and nationally recognized customer service."

The custom operation's domain will echo the luxury business's footprint, with its first projects slotted for coastal Southern California regions. The luxury division was formed in 2002.