Marie Kondo, best selling declutterer and author.

New York Times staffer Penelope Green's ferocious expose of "tidy freak" Marie Kondo bares the raw nerves of the clutter-challenged, pile-of-papers-aholics among us.

Green catches up with KonMari on, of all things, a book signing tour in which she's apt to demonstrate or organization skills right before the eyes of adoring, messy public. Green writes of Kondo's key call to action: "Do your things spark joy?"

It’s a liberating manifesto, though in practice it can take months. (This reporter once lost an entire weekend to the KonMari method.) Handle each object to properly gauge whether it truly thrills. Ms. Kondo suggests giving your clothes a hug, and mimed doing so as the audience gently applauded.

If they don't pass the hug test, simply thank them for their service and, ahem, in the trash they go.

This, my friends, are what trends are made of.

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