The rise of data as a meaningful difference at work.

Barely anything's the "same as it ever was" when it comes to generating value in the workplace. This Quartz interactive gets at a pentagon of meaningful ways that corporations and those who work in and for them must operate in new ways to create value.

The interactive looks at shifting capital investment, flex-time, new employee skill sets and work ethics, the cult of talent, and, above all, the rise of data as navigational proficiencies and points of emphasis in corporate culture and business modeling. Check this out:

For the last 30 years, advancements in storage technologies, media formats, and connectivity have driven data creation upwards, inundating modern businesses with ever-increasing troves of intangible data assets. Today, data exists in huge volumes and varieties, and is being created at record speed. In 2014, each person on Earth produced an average of 1.7 megabytes of data per minute.

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