HousingWire reporter Cynthia Barraza presents the findings of an Owners.com survey of 1,000 potential home buyers which revealed that more buyers want to purchase their home over the internet. Consumers are finding themselves to be more "self-reliant" when it comes to the home buying process and think they can "self-navigate" the real estate market—69% of respondents gave themselves an “A” or “B” grade when it comes to understanding the home-buying process.

In today's digital age, many home buyers at least start their housing search online, with 73% of survey respondents saying they use the internet to search for properties and 53% of respondents saying they are inclined to book online home tours. But while the internet is a good place to search for housing, only 43% would consider online financing products and 27% would actually make a purchase offer online.

“Home buyers also indicate a willingness to go online and handle more elements of the real estate process themselves in order to save time and money – a trend we expect to continue this year and beyond,” says Steve Udelson, President of Owners.com.

Buyers are also becoming more confident in the market, with 80% of respondents saying the 2016 home buying environment will be as good as or better than it was five years ago.

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