No, it's not a refrigerator box.

Called Wikkelhouse, this stylish and 100% recyclable home is being developed by Amsterdam-based designer Shigeru Ban, the winner of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize who’s known for his innovations with paper products.

Check out the home’s exterior, above. Quite nice, right? And wow, those walls sure are thick—because they’re made of 24 layers of super-strong cardboard, bonded with eco-friendly super glue. Plus, it’s covered in a waterproof coating, so there’s no need to fear it’ll collapse into a soggy mess in the rain. The dark stain even makes it look like wood.

Next, let’s step inside. The interior is covered in plywood for a cozy, mod cabin feel. It includes a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, and even a wood-burning stove.

Not bad for $80K. Or is it?

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