Gallup data on retirees beliefs in whether they'll reach their investment goals.

Fewer retired U.S. investors today than in 2015 are optimistic that they can maintain their income or reach short-term investment targets over the next year. They remain optimistic about reaching their five-year investment goals.

Gallup analyst Jim Norman looks at data that shows a cloudier near- and mid-term outlook among retired investors. Norman notes that a slim majority -- 54% -- believe they'll maintain their current income over the next 12 months, and a similar percentage (51%) are optimistic they can meet their investment targets in the next year. Norman writes that when it comes to the longer-haul, retired investors are more sanguine:

In the long run, most (83%) are still confident that their savings will be enough to last throughout their lives. However, tying in with the decline in retirees' optimism about maintaining or growing their income, the percentage who are "very confident" their savings will last has slipped slightly from 47% in the previous survey to 39% now.

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