The Baby-Boom generation is no longer the largest, having been surpassed by Millennials in 2011. But Boomers still dominate homeownership. According to a Demo Memo analysis of Census Bureau data, here are the homeownership rates (and share of homeowners) by generation in 2015 along with a chart depicting homeownership rates by region.

Homeownership rate by generation (and share of total):

  • Total households: 63.7 percent are homeowners (100%)
  • Millennial: 39.8 percent are homeowners (18%)
  • Generation X: 64.8 percent are homeowners (22%)
  • Baby Boom: 75.5 percent are homeowners (41%)
  • Older Americans: 78.7 percent are homeowners (20%)

Note: In 2015 Millennials were under age 39; Gen Xers were 39 to 50; Boomers were 51 to 69.
Source: Census Bureau, Housing Vacancies and Homeownership

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