TRI Pointe BUILDER Responsive Homes, Inspirada, Henderson, Nev.
The contemporary "farm house," a Responsive Home offering for the millennial buyer in the Las Vegas area's Inspirada master plan, Henderson, Nev.

Minimalist, geometric, boldly colored, retro, industrial ... design features once considered the exclusive provence of well-heeled sophisticates in rarefied coastal or sparsely populated woodland geographies, are beating a path into the mainstream.

It's not news that either 1) contemporary architecture has caught on, with regionalized tones and flavors on both coasts and Texas, nor 2) that typically, custom home ideas and features find their way eventually into more work-a-day home designs.

But, in the spirit of an increasingly hybridized culture, where office, hospitality, club, and home are each adopting facets of one another's make-up and function, contemporary design has a lot of momentum housing's recovery to date, and, it appears, it's only just getting started.

Contemporary and "attainable" houses, priced not only for move-up, second-time move-up, and luxury-level buyers, but for first-timers who have finally begun to "activate" in selective markets, including Las Vegas.

"We're seeing contemporary design take a real hold in the Las Vegas Valley of late, partly because we're not hide-bound here by any particular regionalized style," says Klif Andrews, president of the Pardee Homes Southern Nevada division, and chief builder of the TRI Pointe/BUILDER Responsive Home(s) project at Inspirada in Henderson, which will be unveiled to the public at the time of the upcoming National Association of Home Builders International Builders Show in January 2016.

The project's architects Bassenian Lagoni have created two homes around the story of two types of buyers--one, early on in their young adult careers, and another, a promotion-or-two further along--who reflect the growing magnetic draw of contemporary styling and featuring often associated with urban chic hotels, 24 hour gyms, hot restaurant concepts, and night-clubs.

The stories, respectively, are of buyers who may want to "grow" as their ownership of homes passes time. Their "means" may change; they may want to have renters, or, at some point, a family-member from the same or another generation living with them. These homes go beyond multi-generational, to reflect the combinations and possibilities the sharing economy, social, and cultural trends are evidence of today.

Clearly, among the preferences of such households--as confirmed by research by New York City-based Ketchum Global Research and Communications--is for a dramatically contemporary imagining of traditional space, alchemically connected from inside to the outdoors. But, not lacking in indoor magic of its own.

"I started going out and checking the furniture stores in the Valley, and seeing how contemporary the stylings of the pieces that are selling so well at those places," says Andrews. "It makes you think, 'we've got to be designing and building homes that these pieces of furniture can go in.'"

Responsive Home/ BUILDER crew
BUILDER video production manager Kaitlyn Rossi and chief editor of products Lauren Hunter scout the Responsive Homes at Inspirada, a month before completion.

Throughout Las Vegas Valley, projects are starting to crop up that feature the combinations--minimalism, wood, geometric lines, bold splashes of color, and industrial tones and materials, Andrews notes.

"It tends to be in the higher end price brackets, but we're experimenting, and we're not seeing costs go sky-rocketing to build to this style."

Felicitous, then, Pardee has teamed with Bobby Berk, for whom the contemporary ethic and vernacular are, practically, a religion and a first-language. The interiors programming for both Responsive Homes will certainly connect in dramatic ways with the outdoor landscaping and backyard. But, it is indoors, where light, line, the eye, and where one stands, or sits and enjoys the home, that Berk's looking to make a statement.

The houses are in the "home stretch," shooting for completion in the early part of next month for their close-up moment.

Meanwhile, contemporary is not-so-quietly making inroads into American residential styling, an not just at the high end. Who wouldn't want to make a home for pieces like these?

Bobby Berk Home Fall 2015 collection