In San Francisco, building height restrictions have upped the rarity of highly-sought-after ceiling heights.

Luxury condo developers are looking to raise the purchase prices of their properties by adding an extra few inches to the ceiling height, according to Stefanos Chen of The Wall Street Journal. A analysis of more than 2,300 luxury condos across the country found that, compared to the average price of a condo with an 8 to 9 foot ceiling, a ceiling height of 10 to 11 feet could raise a condo’s price by 50%, while a 12 to 15 foot jump brought the average up to 76%.

Newer, taller condos can be harder to come by, and more difficult to create, in cities like San Francisco where building height restrictions lead builders to sacrifice ceiling height for unit density. In these cases, older buildings with higher ceilings can outsell newer growth, according to Carrie Goodman of Sotheby’s.

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