WeWork, a company that provides communal work spaces for those looking to set up shop in a temporary office, has translated the idea from work spaces to living spaces. Fast Company reporter Sarah Kessler, who has previously covered WeWork's experimental move into the multifamily market, takes a tour of the new units in the WeLive building, which offers a new kind of solution for young professionals in New York City.

The building presents a unique kind of "co-living" set up, where tenants can rent tiny bedrooms—and sacrifice personal space—for access to shared amenities and the opportunity to live in a hot-spot neighborhood for less than a traditional lease would cost.

WeLive makes it easy for tenants to commit by forgoing long-term leases, and it eases the transition by equipping every room with furniture, free Wi-Fi, and even friends. "We’re not just going to give them the best price, which we will," says WeWork CEO Adam Neumann. "And we’re not going to just give them flexibility, which we will. But we’re going to give them a social layer of community that has never existed before."

WeWork's goal is to house 34,000 people in 69 locations by 2018.

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