Suburb in Bergen County, N.J.
Suburb in Bergen County, N.J.

Some people like city living. Some people don't. Some people like other people to like city living. Or, as CityLab puts it:

More Millennial couples are buying in the suburbs to raise their kids, as pulse-takers like The New York Times have noted. The motive can come down to simple arithmetic: cities with soaring housing costs are becoming increasingly untenable for families of four or more. Or, it’s public school struggles that drive parents of young children to the ‘burbs. Or both. In daily life for more families, the scales of where it makes the most sense to live are tipping once again to the cul-de-sac.

Are these decisions matching buyers’ goals, though? Do America’s working young couples—slightly grayer versions of the young adults who eschewed buying cars and flocked to walkable neighborhoods in the wake of the recession—actually want to raise their kids in communities that require them to drive everywhere? That’s less clear.

Hmmm. Might depend on the car--Tesla, BMW, Porsche, or perhaps, minivan?

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