Woodstock, or Bonnaroo?
Woodstock, or Bonnaroo?

A lot of organizations devote significant resources to studying the habits of each generations. But The Wall Street Journal's Jo Craven McGinty points out that's it still hard to label any cohort with arbitrary cutoff dates.

The problem with assigning sweeping characteristics to arbitrary groups whose births span decades, ethnicities and geographies is that it obscures the diversity and nuance that exists within the groups—and the characteristics can be entirely wrong.

Still some researchers say there has to be some break to produce an analysis.

“If you are going to analyze data, you need to put a cutoff somewhere,” said Dr. Jean Twenge. “The goal is to be able to group people together to try to understand how they differ. It’s useful to have a label, and it’s useful to have a definition even if it is arbitrary and imprecise.”

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