Airbnb has changed the way some people travel, as well as how home owners can use their space to make some extra income. Fast Company staffer Jessica Leber says that Airbnb wants to transform home design. After speaking to many Airbnb hosts about the features that make renting out a home easier, the company is thinking about what homes would look like if they were specifically designed to accommodate long-term and unknown Airbnb guests, especially since homes are designed around the idea of privacy.

At a basic level, there could be physical accommodations such as "flex spaces" so people don’t have to give up their beds to have guests or different kinds of built-in storage. At a more conceptual level, the company thinks in terms of whole apartment buildings designed to create a community for transient visitors. People could have separate spaces, but there would also be areas—such as a garden or dining space—that promote conversation. "In the future, we will see living experiences curated around a shared lifestyle," Joe Gebbia, Airbnb’s cofounder and chief product officer, says.

He later added: "Airbnb is about travel. And the idea that we would be able to influence or have a hand in the shaping of a home is beyond travel. That’s everyday life—and that’s cool."

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