Contemporary Farm House, one of the BUILDER Responsive Homes from Pardee Homes

Wall Street Journal residential real estate correspondent Laura Kusisto offers a take on what's new and different in show homes from last week's International Builders Show extravaganza in Las Vegas: revenue suites. What are they? Have a look.

If young adults are going to get drawn into the new-home market, and play the role they normally would in a housing recovery--something's gotta give. And it's not going to be the housing finance system, which has kept a tight lid on credit access as it tries to learn lessons from the debacle of the mid-2000s. Then, if you could fog a mirror, you could get a home loan, for practically any amount you wanted.

Kusisto observes that housing finance creativity hasn't gone away altogether, but it's now taking different directions and forms: revenue suites, for instance. Kusisto writes this on the Responsive Home Contemporary Farm House model, which is designed to cater to the tastes of younger home buyers in the mid-$300,000 range:

It includes two guest suites that can be rented on home-sharing sites such as Airbnb. Both include separate entrances and a small kitchenette and can accommodate a single person or couple in need of a roommate.

Of course, the very best place to learn more about our Responsive Homes project now is our Virtual Tour experience, which you can find here at this link.

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