55+ is where the action is.
image via Construction Dive

The number of Americans over 65 years old will soon double to about 88.5 million by 2050, according to the U.S. Department of Health Administration on Aging. A considerable portion of seniors out there still want to stay in a "normal" home as they age. Construction Dive staffer Kim Slowey explores such a demand and writes about builders' opportunities as they cater to senior customers. Slowey writes,

"Despite the fact that many seniors want to remain in their current homes, part of the demographic is able to downsize and look for a new home designed specifically for them. Mike Shina, construction manager of Atlanta home builder and developer Windsong Properties, said a significant portion of Windsong's customers are empty nesters downsizing from local homes or moving to the Atlanta area to be closer to their children.

He said that although the location of a community, or, as he put it, "proximity to healthcare and grandchildren," is paramount for these customers, when it comes to choosing a home in which to age comfortably, it’s all about flexibility of design. Shina said Windsong’s open plan homes have standard features like wider doorways, stepless entries, 32-inch clear minimum openings and lower shower thresholds, but many are constructed without interior bearing points to make future renovations easier."

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