THE SITE CONSTRAINTS ON THIS ACRE of turf would have prompted most developers to call it a day, but not Capital Pacific Homes. In the steeply graded parcel, its scouts saw a chance to meet present-day housing needs without sacrificing historic architecture.

Peikert Group Architects helped execute the plan, in which three existing Craftsman-style homes were restored and blended with 13 new townhomes to create a close-knit bungalow court. With their deep covered porches, strapped windows, and exposed rafter tails, the new townhomes adhere to the same vernacular as their older neighbors. Additions to two of the renovated homes introduced studio rental units to the housing mix.

As for the topography, the team didn't fight it. Apedestrian bridge reduced the need for grading and allowed the site's natural slope to conceal vehicle circulation and tuck-under parking. A historic drainage course was rehabilitated for use as a bioswale. The integrated design encourages spontaneous interaction among neighbors. And it's easy on the eyes.


Award: Residential project of the year/attached—suburban; Builder/Developer/Land planner: Capital Pacific Homes, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Architect: Peikert Group Architects, Santa Barbara

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