Topping 13,000 square feet, this ethereal home isn’t small by any standards, yet it appears to be floating, thanks to a 30-inch-high band of glazing at grade, clerestory windows up top, monumental spans of retractable glass, and skylights offering expansive views of sky.

In deference to the spectacular landscape outside, the interior palette is subdued and sophisticated. Warm wood veneers and exotic stone accents complement a limestone floor and white plaster walls. A helical stairway with floating treads forms a sculptural element that is visible from all floors. 

It’s big, yes, but this steel frame house requires no air conditioning. Passive systems include floor-to-ceiling glass doors that channel natural light and fresh air; ceramic frit on south-facing glass to block heat gain; structural overhangs to provide shade; radiant subfloor loop heating; and rooftop photovoltaic panels that generate half the home’s power needs. It’s stunning, and equally respectful of its environment.

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