Fast Company's Adele Peters takes a look at new way of getting around town—at least for Nimble Scooter CEO Alix Armour, who is testing the company's new, urban version of their successful industrial scooter, which was originally designed for scooting cargo around warehouses and distribution centers.

Nimble's new model features a rack on the front that can hold up to 300 pounds of anything, from groceries to luggage. The scooter is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and will retail for $249.

On a recent trip to Berlin, she used the scooter instead of taking a taxi or struggling to run to the station with luggage. "From my apartment, I'll put my suitcase on the front cargo rack, then scoot down to the train station, put my suitcase on the train rack, fold up the scooter, put that on the train rack, there you go," she says. "The conductors love it."

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