WHEN THE BASEBALL HALL OF Fame inducted its first class in 1936, voters had a backlog of nearly 50 years of players to choose from, meaning some, despite worthy careers, would have to wait a while to be included. That's a little like what we go through in selecting the annual class for the Wm. S. Marvin Hall of Fame for Design Excellence. In just our third year, we have a pool of Builder's Choice award-winning architects and builders dating back to 1980, and some with stats of Ruthian proportions. There's a temptation to open the gates and allow as many as can fit on a reasonable number of pages to honor their influence on residential architecture and the housing industry. But that would dilute the honor. So, we cull past winners, make long lists of those we know and respect, argue and angst over our decision, and ultimately come to a consensus that properly rewards a select few. To that end, we are proud to welcome Jack Bloodgood, Carson Looney, and Chris Stuhmer to the ranks of the enshrined as our class of 2007.