The REMODELING staff shares the winners of the magazine's 2016 Remodeling Design Awards.

From a pool of over 200 projects, the competition's judges selected 16 projects that demonstrate residential design excellence. This year, awards were conferred to 10 Merit recipients, 5 Grand Award recipients, and one Project of the Year, which was a whole-house remodel by Carney Logan Burke Architects in Jackson Hole, Wy.

Having worked with these clients before, John Carney, founding principal of Carney Logan Burke Architects, was surprised that these artists and “avowed modernists” had bought a log home. “But the site [in Jackson Hole] was stunning, the house was well-built with good bones, and they had been looking for just the right house or property for a long time,” Carney says. “I also think they felt comfortable after our other efforts together that we would bring a creative and fresh approach to a traditional, quite ordinary log house.”

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