The architect and builder took an "organic" approach to constructing this custom home on 110 acres, at a cost of about $180 per square foot. They walked around the 600-acre site looking at old barns, tree canopies, and the patterns of the sun. The owner/builder wanted a live/work home that reflected his perspective of the land.

The resulting 1,800-square-foot building is set upon a pier foundation and includes many farm vernacular themes, such as silo-inspired corrugated metal, pole barn angle joists, birch-covered interior walls, and cedar trim. Outbuildings include a cylinder-shaped "duck house" and a similar pump house. The office space is closer to the entrance, with the bedroom tucked farther into the woods. Architect David Powell notes that "the end result is a rural sculpture."

Category: Live/Work; Entrant/Architect/Interior Designer: Polifilo, Nashville, Tenn.; Builder: Principle Building Group, Chapel Hill, Tenn.