Craftsmanship has always been the name of the game in residential design, and that is evident nowhere more so than in the winners of this year’s Builder’s Choice & Custom Home Design Awards.

This year’s jury—which included Jeffrey Day from Omaha, Neb., and San Francisco–based Min|Day; Ray Varela from San Diego–based Carrier Johnson; and Drew Lang from New York–based Lang Architecture— was most intrigued by projects that use design as a transformative force to create well-detailed approaches to homes of many scales.

In the following pages, you’ll find lavish production homes, artistic infrastructure, practical and inventive modular, and finely detailed kitchen and baths. Not to mention multifamily that brings new life to the urban fabric around it. The key theme that connects them all is a thoughtful intention— one that wields design as a tool to create better homes, better neighborhoods, and better environments for all. That is the point where craft meets ideas, and the future of housing is brighter because of it.