After sifting through almost 600 entries, judges of the 2013 Gold Nugget Awards can be sure of two things: rescuing old buildings is worth the trouble and production home qualities are improving.

Fairbrook Estates, with its clean mix of glass and wood, embodies the warm, livable feel previously unknown in production homes.

“People who build in quantity are upping their game,” GNA judge Amy Albert says.

Elements that make a house feel cozy are no longer only available in fancy, custom homes.

Belfor Construction revived a forgotten, century-old church into the Sanctuary, a multifamily building with 12 townhomes.  The company seamlessly integrated the church’s original features with modern interior fittings.

The entries are setting trends for the future of the housing industry: Green will no longer be an added bonus, but a requirement.  Affordable housing will proliferate, but not look cheap.  Universal design principles will cease to look ugly and sad.

Here we feature the best of the best from the 50th Annual Golden Nugget Awards, the PCBC-presented competition among builders, developers, architects and land planners from the U.S. and around the world.