HGTV's Chip and Joanna Gains aren't the only American sin love with old silos. Homeowners across the country have converted these old farm features into cozy abodes.

Country Living rounds up photos of five homes that show just how quaint - and beautiful - converted silos can be as a home. One of the most notable is the Carlton, Oregon Abbey Road Farm Bed and Breakfast a couple converted over 13 years ago. After building their own house on the 82-acre site, the couple transformed the old silos into 'Silo Suites' where they now also host concerts and weddings.

Gigaplex Architects took their own take on a transformed silo in Woodland, Utah where Earl Stein wanted a unique place to host his grandchildren on weekends.

If the HGTV Effect takes hold on Silo Homes - like it did with renovation and tiny homes - we could be seeing a lot of unique renditions on old farms across America.

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