Chi Chi Ubina

You can’t help but notice the contrast: bow-fronted cabinets made of a light-toned figured wood (it’s called anigre, which explains the kitchen’s name) set against a striking hood that hangs in the center of the room. The hood takes center stage, of course, suspended over the six-burner cooktop. With its curves and angles, it’s muscular but not hulking, substantial but not overwhelming. The stainless steel patina, eye bolts, and cabling making an unabashedly industrial statement next to handcrafted wood cabinetry. In this hard-working kitchen, the hood fulfills its function as vent, but it goes beyond that. This vent hood is a piece of sculpture that’s architectural, bold, and modern. Here, light and airy plays off the dark and brooding, points out architect McKee Patterson. The final result is a striking one.