Chris Altchek is the chief executive for Mic, a five-year old news site that caters to millennials, and he is learning the rigors and rewards of leading a staff full of twenty-somethings. The New York Times' Ben Widdicombe takes a look at Mic, where the belief is that speaking out leads to the best ideas rising to the top.

One example of millennials at work: a staffer lied to his boss, telling him a friend died when in reality he was going home to rebuild a childhood treehouse as therapy. The worker documented the experience in an essay for which he even tweeted a link:

In a disciplinary meeting the next day, Mr. Pavelski’s supervisor acknowledged that he had been working grueling hours, so he was given another chance. Still, Mr. Altchek wanted to send a message. “Our feedback to him was, ‘This is not a three-strike policy, it’s a two-strike policy,’” he said.

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