Courtesy Upper Valley Summer Homes
Courtesy Upper Valley Summer Homes

Tiny homes can be customized to reflect its owner’s tastes and lifestyle. The Man Cave Tiny House, by Utah's Upper Valley Tiny Homes, is customized to be the perfect hangout spot for people who love putting golf balls and shooting hoops, among other things, reports Adam Williams for New Atlas.

The Man Cave isn’t built to serve as a full-time home. It’s supposed to help its owner and his or her friends on their excursions like camping or hunting trips. It sits on a double-axle trailer, measures 7 x 18 feet, and is on sale for $33,500.

Here are a few of its features:

The exterior sports a basketball hoop and dartboard, while a ladder provides access to the rooftop deck. At the rear of the Man Cave, one pair of storage doors reveal a large slide-out BBQ, and another provides access to a washing machine and solar power kit. The solar power setup comprises four batteries connected to a 500 W rooftop solar array that allows it to operate off-the-grid.

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