Flooding is prevalent in the UK, which causes some areas of the country to be unsuitable for development according to New Atlas writer Adam Williams. But, with rising prices, builders and developers are figuring out how to make use of said land for building.

Building and development firm Larkfleet Group proposes the Elevating House, a family home that would simply rise on stilts when the floods come.

Should a flood warning be issued, a mechanical jacking system comprising a motor, gearbox, and drive shafts would lift the 65 tonne (72 US ton) home 1.5 m (5 ft) off the ground within five minutes. The owners wouldn't actually stay in the house when the house is raised (for the obvious safety issues), but would instead need to pack up some essential belongings and travel to temporary accommodation elsewhere.

Larkfleet has submitted planning permission for the Elevating House and, if all goes well, it could be built as soon as early 2017. Following this, the firm expects to test it for up to five years.

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