Los Angeles officials just approved a proposal for a new park at First and Broadway, dubbed FAB Park, which will hit two of L.A.'s biggest challenges: the drought and neighborhood connection.

The landscape architecture firm behind the project, Mia Lehrer and Associates, wants to celebrate the California landscape and create a demonstration garden. Lehrer purposely avoided California-favorites like palm, ficus, and eucalyptus trees, instead choosing oak and sycamore trees as logical and local options.

For the structures, Lehrer is partnering with both OMA, an architecture firm, and IDEO, a design consultancy. OMA will design a glass building in the center of the park, and will include lined benches and a restaurant concept. IDEO will collaborate on the restaurant to create a sort-of "test kitchen-meets-incubator" program, but that's to be determined as of now.

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