Who says micro units aren't gaining traction? Real estate agent Heather Stoltz takes Business Insider reporter Andrew Stern on a tour of a 232-square-foot condo unit in San Francisco in this video.

The video isn't long (considering there's not much to see). Stoltz spends time pointing out how functional the space is, calling the bathroom 'spa-like,' and the closet spacious. She also offers suggestions like where to put a murphy bed in the tight space. And hey, the TV comes with the unit! Ultimately they end on the roof, which offers downtown views of the city.

The owner was asking $425,000, or $1800 a square foot. According to Stoltz, there were buyers lining up at the door for the initial viewing, and the buyer accepted an offer that was just under his asking price. If demand keeps up, we'll be seeing more of these micro units.

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