As the real estate sectors in Asia, Africa, and Latin America mature, the level of building innovation has also skyrocketed, with many developers seeking new ways to attract increasingly discerning buyers.

Here, compliments of global property portal Lamudi, we take a closer look at seven game-changing residential developments in these emerging markets. There just might be some takeaways for U.S. builders in the list below.

Green City, Colombia
Based in Soacha, a small city outside Bogotá, the Green City projects represent the present and future of the country’s real estate market. This is a great example of urban development: combining efficient technologies, smart spaces and a sense of community for residents. The project offers common areas like green spaces, playgrounds and more.

Malibu Village, Indonesia
This development from Paramount Land allows property-seekers to customize their own home. Located at Gading Serpong in Tangerang, the Malibu Village development allows buyers to choose from 18 design options and eight finishing packages to decide the look of their dream property. Everything from the type of paint used to the floor materials can be customized. Prices start at 800 million Indonesian rupiah (about $61,500).