CURBED's Jenny Xie rounds up seven of the most functional and attractive "all-in-one" furniture pieces that are an ideal solution for spaces with limited square footage.

While some of the systems—such as the Living Cube, and Yves Behar and MIT's Ori Systems—will be available to order soon, even the custom and one-off concepts, like the Kammerspiel or Kraaijvanger Architects's laminate "Hub", can be a valuable source of inspiration for small-living solutions.

Perhaps the most high-tech of the bunch, Ori is a line of automated multi-functional furniture modules controlled by the push of a button. A Ori system contains various components that glide, expand, or contract to form distinct spaces like a living room, office area, or bedroom. The product is expected to begin rolling out sometime this year, and will be available to developers and building owners as well.

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