Pre-fab construction is seen by many as the future of home building, cutting home building times to nearly a third or half of the time to construct a traditional structure. Luckily, the design of pre-fab has improved greatly in the last decade.

Sheri Koones rounded up some of the best pre-fab homes in North America to show off the beauty and simplicity of this type of construction. In this article for Business Insider, Koones shares six of the homes, which range in size from 350 square feet to 2,300 square feet.

A tiny home in Tampa, Florida built with helical screws in the foundation serves as an affordable getaway for two New York architects.

The Lakeside Container Cottage in San Diego uses shipping containers to create a small oasis. A glass and steel garage door on one of the containers offers sweeping views and additional space on the porch. The other homes include the eHab house in Seattle, a Sonoma residence that was delivered via flatbed truck, and a home getaway home in British Columbia.

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