Contemporary, zen-like bathroom retreats are very desirable for today’s new-home buyers, particularly the active adult seeking their NEXTadventure. A luxurious bathroom isn’t just an aspiration for most 55-plus buyers, it has become a requirement. These six simple design ideas give a bathroom the ultimate spa-like sensation.

1. No-Step Shower
A no-step shower is an easy installation that creates a seamless sightline and addresses the importance of a smooth entry into the shower, which is significant for the NEXTadventure buyer who might not feel comfortable stepping into a tub or a shower with a step. This also creates a shower that is easier to clean (something everyone can appreciate).

Taylor Morrison model home bath Luxurious master bath

2. Innovative Storage
Having a place to store and hide everyday essentials such as toothbrushes, toiletries, and medicine allows the bathroom to maintain a clean, minimalist feeling. For the 55-plus buyer, storage is king.

3. Faucet
Eye-catching faucets act as jewelry to a bathroom. Function is vital, but it’s the form that delights.

4. Add Art
Art is a wonderful way to bring personality, texture, and color to the room and makes the bathroom feel more like a true “living” space.

5. Statement Lighting
Much like art, lighting can be a strong statement in the bathroom. Multiple layers of lighting, such as a chandelier, can lights, and sconces create additional light for the 55-plus buyer’s eyesight and adds extra ambiance.

6. Swap the Showerhead
A luxurious rainfall showerhead (or even multiple ones) can make each shower feel like a special occasion in a spa.

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