CURBED's Jenny Xie talks to Dan George Dobrowolski, founder and CEO of Escape Homes—a Wisconsin-based building company that has been constructing tiny dwellings on wheels since 1993—about three tiny house truths that have lasted through the years.

Dobrowolski reveals that contrary to what reality shows may suggest, most people don't live in them full time. Many of Escape Homes customers use their products just as the company's name suggests: as a vacation home that allows for a temporary escape from city life.

“We’re living in a tsunami,” Dobrowolski says in a recent phone interview, referencing the exponential growth in demand over the last five years. He says business has grown 6000 percent since they first got started. Their manufacturing plant has also been expanded three times, from 12,000 square feet to now just over 30,000 square feet.

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