How big is your appetite for good design? If you're hungry for another helping of kitchen and bath ideas, check out these savory trends, courtesy of the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2010 design competition.  The winners were honored at KBIS in Chicago this spring.

1. Concealed Kitchens

Susan Gilmore

Kitchen design has reached a new level of integration with the quiet incorporation of the kitchen into the home’s primary living and entertaining rooms. Concealed appliances allow the kitchen to enhance, rather than intrude, into other spaces. Clean structural lines, coupled with sleek color palettes enable the space to establish a distinctive identity, without overpowering surrounding rooms.

Design by David Heide
David Heide Design Studio, Minneapolis, Minn.

2. Beverage Stations

Photos: Peter Rymwid

A new element added to many kitchens is a beverage station. This area often includes an under-counter refrigerator and wine refrigeration, as well as a coffeemaker. This appliance can be as varied as the homeowners using them, ranging from simple single-pot coffeemakers to larger units capable of espresso, latte, and cappuccino. This functional destination within the kitchen typically houses stemware, coffee cups, silverware, cream, sugar, and tea. It may also have a smaller bar area.

Design by Peter Ross Salerno, CMKBD
Peter Salerno, Inc., Wyckoff, N.J.

3. Scaling of Elements

Atkins Residence, Black Butte Ranch, Oregon June 2009
Photos: Paula Watts Atkins Residence, Black Butte Ranch, Oregon June 2009

Scale is an important consideration in the overall composition of a kitchen or bath. Shapes, textures (both actual and implied), and thoughtful placement of fixtures are all elements that can be used to create focal points, functionality, and visual appeal. Here, an irregularly textured pebbled wall, marbled countertop, reflective metallic material, and symmetrically hung pendant lighting directs the eye around the room and contributes to a feeling of balance. Distinctive wall coverings, tin ceilings and the implied texture of a pronounced wood grain are all stand-out details contributing to balance and scale in today’s designs.

Design by Kirsti Wolfe
Kirsti Wolfe Designs, Bend, Ore.

4. Color with Energy

Photos: Lazzarone Photography

Bold colors are creating a vibrant splash in room palettes for 2010, with rich blues, purples, greens, and citric yellow making confident appearances in kitchens and baths. Colors that act not merely as a passive backdrop for the room, but bring life to the space through lighting, wall colors, and wood tones are influencing the most innovative designs. Meanwhile, hues from nature combined with others that are more synthetically blended, are inducing a feeling of movement and motion throughout the room through sharp contrasts.

Design by Adel Visser, CKD, CBD
All About Kitchens & More, Sacramento, Calif.

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