Dezeen's Dan Howarth collaborates with architect Christopher Rawlins to determine the ten most iconic homes on Fire Island Pines, a resort community approximately two hours away from Manhattan.

Known for its sleek, Modernist architecture as well as its reputation as something of a mecca for summer weekend parties, the island is home to designs by Horace Gifford, Harry Bates, and Andrew Geller among others.

No one embodied the Stonewall-era pulse of the Pines more than Stuart Roeder, a Warner Brothers PR man who never lacked for friends or lovers. He purchased a cottage at the western edge of the Pines, enlisting Horace Gifford for its transformation. he abstract, sculptural gestures of the Roeder House and subsequent designs revealed an affinity with the Brutalist movement shaped by architects like Paul Rudolph. But Gifford skillfully channeled the ponderous concrete forms of Brutalism into light and lyrical wooden structures.

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